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Auto Project Planner automatically computes project plans, based on due dates, given estimations and other variables

According to this input the software compute time plans by minimizing the MSE (mean squared error) between expected and computed end dates.

The idea is to
  • define a task and the relation(s) to team members only once
    • there are simple relations, like: this guy is doing this task in a week
    • and complex relations, like: two people are doing this task, one guy should do max. 70% of the work, the other max 50%. One guy needs some training for this task, the task needs an other task to be completed for 50% and should end at the same time a third task ends, of course the holiday planning and stuff has to be considered,...blahblahblah .... no problem!
  • then just regularly update the remaining estimations (e.g. get this information from the team in a weekly status meeting)
  • start the APP.NET calculation engine (this can be done during the meeting as well)
    • you get errorfree results within a minute (means problemfree project plans)
    • you don't (means estimations vs. due dates... it's not gonna happen) - then you have to do some replaning (guess what I did it during the meeting)

I'm doing this 'process' now for a while - with a sw development team of 15, 2-3 ongoing projects, 4-5 projects in the queue, <10 tasks per project, a weekly online status meeting - and it just works pretty good for me.

  • Reduce the manual work of planning
  • Have a relevant time plan always available
  • Allow predictions about how optional projects and tasks affect the plannings



  • Add/Remove/Edit/Arrange Projects and Tasks
    • Estimated/Remaining Time
    • Expected End Date
    • Worked Hours (till now)
    • Calculated Target State [%] vs. Is State [%] (till now)
    • Predecessors
    • End with an other Task
  • Add/Remove/Edit Staff Members
    • Hours per week
    • Productivity
    • Training Time
  • Assign (multiple) Staff Members to Tasks
  • Define max. percentage a Staff Member could/should work on a Task
    • Whole Task
    • Per Week
  • Define Sick/Personal Leaves & Public Holidays
  • Define Training Time and a Productivity Rate for unexperienced workers
  • Set Start Date of Calculation
  • Calculation
    • Minimizes MSE between Expected and Calculated End Dates of Tasks
    • Calculates the 'best' project plan for you
    • Graphical and textual display of calculated proect plan
  • Examples should improve your understanding of the software

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